Thursday, May 31, 2012

Viking Track bike

Another one of my favorites that I wish I'd never sold. I bought this from a friend, after much pestering, who'd bought it from it's original owner, Keith Lambert. If you don't know, Keith was one of the top British pros in the 70's and early 80's, riding for the Viking and Falcon teams among others and owner of our local bike shop. Not really know as a track rider he'd ridden the 79 National Track Championships on this specially made bike. As far as I know it was actually made by Harry Quinn, a famous frame builder from Liverpool who designed Viking bikes and who built frames that went on to win World championships and the Tour of Britain. 
It's made from Reynolds 531 and the bike is fitted with Campag record Pista chainset, hubs, pedals and seat post. It has Cinelli bars and stem. My mate had it drilled for a front brake and fitted a Dura-ace caliper and lever. The love the tied and soldered wheels. I used for time trialling and track racing throughout the 80s and then put aerobars on and used it a bit in the 90s for a few TTs.

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