Saturday, May 19, 2012

Les Coteaux de la Seine

I do ride a bit as well as talk about / design bikes! Here's a very poor photo of a very nice ride along the Seine on Tuesday 17th May.  210k in total. 
Thanks to Lionel, Arnaud, Philippe and Eric for the company.
Two of the many joys of France are the number of bank holidays (hence the Thursday ride) and the cycling randonees. I can find a 'rando' within riding distance of my house most weekends from March to October. Usually 4 or 5 euros to enter (though my club pay for them all) and for that you get a choice of routes, usually 30 to 100k and a few a bit longer like this one, arrows around the whole route and food both at the finish and at a couple of 'ravitaillements' on the course. 
Not races, though you can always find someone to ride 'energetically' with, they're great for learning the countryside and finding a riding partner.

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