Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some of my bikes. N°1, Chopper!

I spent a while the other night scanning old photos of my bikes with the intention of getting all of them in one place, but for the moment it's all a bit random. I haven't managed to get them all together yet so I can't collate them chronologically. With that in mind I thought I start with something a bit left field, my chopper.
Bought in around 2001 from a mate, for a tenner, who found it in a neighbors overgrown garden. I had the bars and seat post re chromed just outside Nuneaten fro £44 if I remember rightly. The new front rim was found in the attic of a local bike shop and I had the wheels rebuilt with new spokes and put on new red walled tyres (after experiencing my first internet rip off!).
The orange paint was applied at work (TWR) by Mark, our resident master painter. I had the templates for the Chopper name made in the Arrows F1 graphics department so, unlike the originals, they are painted and not stickers. One day I'll get round to finding a chainguard!

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