Saturday, June 16, 2012

Peugeot Design Lab II

At the launch of Peugeot Design Lab , as well as the bicycles, we also displayed some of Peugeot's other products, created over 200 years of industrial adventure. As I mentioned in my last post, Peugeot is known by many people in France for it's salt and pepper mills. Lift up a pepper grinder in many French restaurant and you'll find the Peugeot name on the underside. What is less well know is that Peugeot have created products as diverse as radios, food mixers, rifles and crinoline, and it is this history that serves as a launch pad for the Peugeot Design Lab adventure.
On the entrance to the small display was a two handed saw, one of Peugeot's first real products. Up to that point Peugeot had manufactured sheet steel so the creation of a saw must have been a fairly straightforward and logical step and of course it was in tune with the needs of the time. Next in the display was a wooden coffee grinder and then a superb sewing machine on a plinth. There wasn't room for a boat or an airplane but there was a propeller and a brochure for the boats that showed Peugeot's diversions into these other transport areas.
Of course, Peugeot still have a thriving scooter division and on display were three scooters from different eras. Lastly a food mixer hinted at the huge range of household goods that have been produced over the centuries.

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