Sunday, June 3, 2012

Alan carbon

Back in the early 90s the roads weren't flooded with carbon fibre superbikes so this was quite a rare sight. Alan aluminium frames had been around a while and to create this model this simply replaced the aluminium with straight, round carbon fibre tubes, glued in place. 
I think it looks quite cool and the weight was OK but I did find it a bit whippy in sprints. 
I fitted it with a complete Campagnolo Chorus 8 speed ergo groupset, which was quite new at the time. 
Ergo bend bars had become the fashion and everyone still ran sprints and tubs. The Flight saddle was de rigueur. 
I had a bit of a shock after a couple of years of riding this bike when I realized that the down tube was pulling out of the headtube. To their credit, Alan fixed it, though I have suspicious they just sent me another frame!

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