Saturday, June 2, 2012

Colnago Low Pro

This bike came from a club member who sadly passed away at a young age. I got it through a friend, never really knowing the owner and my mate was too tall to ride it. I paid £600 if I remember rightly, then changed the wheels a couple of times, firstly for some three spokes then for a Zipp disc and deep front (650 of course). Funnily I did my best rides on the wheels it came with, which were nice but not especially aero. 
I was told that the bike was an ex-pro team bike but I have no idea if that is true. I had the bike repainted by a mate in Yorkshire (Chris Marshall, great frame builder) in Mapei colours.
It was fitted with Campagnolo Record throughout, including the now sought after Delta brakes. Record from that era really was super quality and seemed indestructible, but really the bike was all about the frame. It's probably quite collectible now and with reason. It has Columbus, Gilco, or clover leaf section tubing, chrome lugs and forks as well as lovely curved seat and top tubes. In the picture I have the Zipp wheels. Here I'm riding a not very organised Team Time Trial. We won so I guess we got it together at some point.


  1. i recognise Mr Kisley, but who's the third rider?

  2. Paul Derbyshire. Ex runner turned cyclist. He was pretty good 'til he jumped down too many stairs at home and bust his kneecap, ouch! Took up scube diving but I lost conatct after that.