Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Peugeot Design Lab

Peugeot Design Lab was launched on the 12th June 2012 at Place Vendome in Paris. There's been a small group of us working for Design Lab for a while but it was finally made official last night. Cathal Loughnane, who heads it up has been working all hours to make films of some of our first designs and these were projected onto three huge screens. 
On entering the event everyone was invited to take a short tour that helped to explain the history of Peugeot thanks to a few carefully chosen pieces from Peugeots museum in Sochaux. I think that many of the French guests were familiar with Peugeot coffee and pepper grinders and, of course, bicycles but there were other objects from Peugeots incredibly rich history that helped to explain why Peugeot Design lab is such of logical and natural extension of it's car design activities. 
The two bicycles on loan from the museum were the Grand Bi, or penny farthing, from1882 and Bernard Thevenets Tour de France winning Peugeot from 1977. It doesn't take much imagination to see how Peugeot really has an unsurpassed history and needs to reassert itself as a leader in the bicycle market.


  1. hello sir, im wondering, what are the style and concept that reflect Peugeot identity? really hope that i can hear from you. Thank you.

  2. Hi Hazim, thank you for your interesting question. It's not an one answer but basically the style can change depending on the type of product but the concept is more consistent. All our products try to be clean, simple and coherent. It is always easy to add more but taking away is far more difficult! By coherent, I mean that once you have derived a 'language' for a product it should be the same throughout. You should find that everything, from the size of a radius to the exact shade of colour should be consistent. This gives reassurance to the buyer that the designer is in control.
    Peugeot has over 200 years of history so it is also important to us that there is continuity. This doesn't mean that we never change, since we are a company that always to innovate, but our design philosophy is constant.
    Have a look at our Onyx range of vehicles. Obviously they are all copper and black, but hopefully you'll also see a consistency in the way the colours are separated, the quality of lines, the sharpness of edges etc.
    All the designers work togather, whether they are designing bicycles, cars or other products, so we share ideas and hopefully assure the coherence to our designs.
    Thanks again for your interest, good luck in what ever is your chosen career,