Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tour de France 2012, Rouen

Cavendish and Eisel, battered after the crash at Rouen

Cavendish and Eisel

The main man, Cavendish


Wiggins, riding with Voekler

Wiggins again

Porte (he's not a big fella!)
It's a great year for Tour watches living near Paris. Of course we always get the finish but in 2012 we also get a finish in Rouen and a start the next day, a time trial in Chartres and a start in Rambouillet. Today was the Rouen start, so we got there a couple of hours before to catch the caravane and see the riders riding to the signing on before the actual start.
This is Christian Knees
Boasson Hagan
Wiggins, who else?

Here are a few of the guys riding up from the village area before the start. Starting with the SKY boys......

Rogers again

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