Friday, May 30, 2014

Peugeot RG21 (Roland Garros) electric bike

A couple of pictures of the Peugeot stand at the French Open (Roland Garros) which started last weekend. 
The RG21 is a special addition all white version of the AE21 electric bike, which celebrates the 2014 French Open, along side the 208 and Metropolis scooter. It comes with a unique Roland Garros bag, built in ABUS Bordo lock etc. 
Having finally got to ride this bike a bit, especially around Milan I was surprised how good it is. The electric motor is really punchy, so you can get away from traffic lights with what seems like car or scooter like acceleration. It makes it feel safer than a regular bike because you aren't aways being swamped by the motorized traffic. 
The central space for the laptop bag is genuinely useful, especially when you are jumping on and off the bike. No messing around the racks and straps, no fear it's going to fall off or get stolen and the perfect size for all sorts of messenger bags that you see more and more these days.
Anyway, here it is, hope you like it.....


  1. hi neil

    can you please give some insight on this bike (

    is it also something you worked on? do you know where it's frame comes from? (who designed, who manufactured)


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    1. Hi Ellana
      Thanks for your kind words, you've inspired me to make some new posts since, as you can see, I've be a bit lazy recently! We made a special addition of the AE21 for the Paris Motor show so I'll post a few pictures. The bike seems to be selling well BTW, which is great news.
      Thanks again, Neil