Tuesday, January 1, 2013

SKY Rapha kit

Leaked today, but revealed officially on Friday, the new SKY kit, created by Rapha.

 The iconic British brand has replaced Adidas but the style hasn't changed much. Already SKY had one of the most original, though very simple, designs in the peloton and Rapha's look is very much inline with that philosophy. The only real Rapha signature is the single band on the left hand sleeve, which is repeated on the leg of the shorts and down the rear of the jersey. The white rear panel seems to have disappeared all together. 


  1. Hi. Where was the third photo taken? Thanks.

  2. I should have referenced the photo but I was in a rush. Found it on the Bikeradar forum and it's a zoom of a photo taken before a race in some Spanish speaking country, possibly Majorca. Sorry, not very informative, I'll try to find out more.