Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Peugeot Onyx Concept Bike

This is the second concept bike I've designed for Peugeot. Launched today, it will form part of the display at the Paris motor show along side the Onyx supercar and scooter, all in the same copper and black finish. 
I've been working on this Onyx Superbike for some time so that's lots to tell and lots I can't tell! At the moment it is a concept but it was created around the UCI regulations with the triple aim of being super aero, extremely easy to adjust ergonomically and, hopefully, super sexy. I wanted to hide the cables and brakes and create the cleanest possible look and aero performance for all sizes of riders.
There are some novel features, especially the completely flush quick release skewers, the 'flippable' seat post, hidden Di2 battery and the unique stem adjustment. The cockpit area is all unique, from the Peugeot chequer grips on the arm rest (repeated on the saddle) to the integrated brake and gear levers. There is also a glass blade computer, operated from a switch on the aero bars.

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