Saturday, September 1, 2012

Peugeot Design Lab eDL122

We launched the eDL122 at Eurobike this week, as the centre piece of the Peugeot Cycles stand. There was a lot of interest after we launched the DL122 at the Geneva motor show, and some people suggested that it would make a great electric bike so for Eurobike I decided update the bike into an electric version. The battery is unique to us and is housed in the frame underneath the bag and drives an electric motor in the front wheel.
I took the chance to change the handlebars too, this time with unique brakes and shifters with the cables completely routed internally. On the left side there is a simple twist grip to control the motor which matches the gear selector on the right.
This is the third bike created by Peugeot Design lab, where you can find more information.

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