Friday, September 27, 2013


Just as with frames and complete bikes, clothing designers were in the weight weenie groove at Eurobike this year. There were plenty of examples of light weight helmets but is was shoes that seem to have got the most attention this year. It makes sense when you think how hard it is to loose a gram or two from the weight of a pedal to look at shoe design and the weights seem to have plumetted in the last couple of years.
The was also a move towards personalization, headed by the likes of Giro and Bont, which is another strong movement in the bike world generally.

The Mavic Huez shoe boasts the lightest weight of the show, at sub 200g each.
Boa rivalling closure system, the Northwave SLW2
Northwaves light and slippery looking sole

DMT Airtech

Bont Trithlon shoe
The big news on the Bont stand was the launch of their personalization programme, MY BONT.

Giro are already well into the idea of personalization

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