Sunday, August 5, 2012

British Cycling Aero bikes

These photos were posted on the Cycling Weekly website but I found the link on Bicycle Design. The bike was ridden by the SKY riders of the GB team in the Olympic road race. They are the result of years of research by Chris Boardman's 'secret squirrel' division of the British Cycling team, built at the Advanced Composite Group facilities and designed by ex Greek track rider Dimitris Katsanis.
British Cycling have spent millions on creating success on the track and the basis of these bikes was born out of those efforts. Originally used by the likes of the great Chris Hoy on the track they have now been adapted for road use. They are mainly designed to be aero bikes but knowing the lengths that chris and the team go to I'm sure they excel in other areas, like stiffness and ergonomices. 
Due to the rules, these bikes will have to be available to the public, but the costs, numbers and branding will be interesting to see.
One thing that should be noted, and was picked up by the posters on the Cycling Weekly site, they are not the most beautiful of bikes!

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